Burger Night

Burger Night

2017 Burgers and Bottles will be dedicated to the 2nd and the 4th Wednesday of each month.
The 2nd Wednesday of the month will still be burgers and bottles with different wineries and wines fitting our theme for the night. We will be having our old favorite themes back, Mardi Gras, ST Paddy’s Day, Lobster and Bubbly to just to name a few.
The 4th Wednesday of the month we will travel up the west coast starting with Baja and ending in Vancouver.  Some of the highlights along the way will be Catalina Island, Santa Barbara, San Francisco and the Rogue River. We will be offering specials that coincide with those areas. The wine on those nights will be just one winery; however, it will be a prestigious name and we will have a representative from the winery here.
With the new specialty night and business levels being slow on off wine nights we have decided to discontinue burger night on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Wednesday of the month!
Burgers and Bottles 2017

2ND  Wedneday of the month                        4th Wed                Winery                                                  
Jan- 11th        Northern Italian                      Jan 25th       Baja                Merryvale                   
Feb- 8th         Mardi Gras                              Feb 22nd      San Diego     Joseph Phelps                     
Mar-8th         St. Paddy’s Day Irish                Mar 22nd      Catalina                 TBD
Apr-12th        Seafood                                    Apr 26th        Paso Robles         TBD
May-10th      Australian BBQ                          May 24th      Santa Barbara        TBD

Jun-14th        East coast BBQ                        Jun 28th        Monterey               TBD
Jul-12th          Southern BBQ                          July 26th       San Francisco      TBD

Aug 9th         American BBQ                           Aug 23      Tillamook                 TBD

Sep-13th         Southern Italian                        Sep 27th     Portland                 TBD
Oct-11th        Oktoberfest                                  Oct 25th      Rogue River           TBD

Nov-8th        Pinot and Pork                            Nov 15th   Seattle                       TBD

Dec-13          Lobster and Bubbly                    Dec 20th   Vancouver                 TBD

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